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    Guiding our Children

    Looking for ways to raise a smarter baby or well-rounded kid? Yes, genetics play a role in your child's intelligence, but only about 50%. That leaves about half of our child's intelligence to environmental influences. So, make sure to experience everything in the phrase: "Quality Time."

    Who is TipTopKidz for?


    Being a parent isn't easy. It is an amazing responsibility to have to raise your child so that they are prepared for the world. Knowing all the information about what makes your baby smarter or how to make your kid social or healthy and so on is overwhelming to the point of paralyzing. We know. We are parents too. TipTopKidz is for you because it lets you focus on what matters- having fun with your kid. It takes away the time you need to search and plan activities; and not just any activity, but those designed to encourage development. We have done the research. We know how, when, why, and what is best for babies, toddlers, and kids. We can tell if you primarily focus on math or reading and ignore other subjects such as music or physical activities. Let us help you eliminate the hours of researching, whether it's science papers, books, or websites that have hundreds of non-specific ideas for kids. TipTopKidz can be used by yourself, your babysitter, or even your daycare. Take control of your child's development!

    Babysitters or Caregivers:

    I think it is safe to say, from all parents: Thank you!! You care for our little ones as if they were your own. We know your care is immense and all you want is the best for the children. We also know that at times it isn't easy. It takes a lot of time to scour though the internet to figure out what are the best learning activities to do with little ones. And, we know it's not all scheduled activities, but through developmental play. Babies and kids have to be open and engaged to learn. It can't be forced. How does developmental play work from ages 0 and up? Is caregiving for babies and kids based on natural instinct? The answer is both yes and no. Make the time you spend preparing and during play with kids fun, efficient, and productive. At TipTopKidz we will provide information and fun, developmental activities to do with the little ones. We will also make sure to provide consistent information, building on the basics, so you yourself can slowly learn the essentials of being the best caregiver you can be.

    Babies, Toddlers, Kids:

    It's all for you! You may not be able to use this website yourself, but trust us, you have those who love you that can. And, we are one of those who care! We want to make you as smart as you can be, socially/emotionally intelligent, and physically healthy as possible. Parental instincts have been shown to only go so far. The world is complex and getting more and more so as human's progress. Did you know, as a whole, people are smarter than we were in the past? Let's make sure you are at the TipTop, leading us in our new endeavors of this world and bring to life the amazing ideas that are locked inside that brain. We're here to help guide your caregivers in making the best environment for your budding brains and bodies to grow. We can't wait to see you all grown up, but, until then, we want you to have a blast being a kid.

    How Does It Work?

    List of Activities:

    We give you a list of fun activities for you to do with your little one. Use the slider to choose how many activities to show and the age of your child- it can be done by months or years. Use this option when you find yourself bored and need a few quick ideas or tips to do with your baby. Hit the shuffle button to get another set of ideas.

    Get Organized:

    This is if you would like to have a consistent list of developmental play tips and ideas for your specific child. It will not be a randomized list of activities as is the Single and Block of Time options. We will instead provide tailored activities for your child and their development. If you choose this option, we will provide activities to ensure you raise a well-rounded child. For instance, if we know that your baby has only focused on motor activities or language activities for the past week, then we will provide fun activities that target other areas of the brain and physical development. We will also keep track of this information and provide a report of the areas in which your child has focused. Even if you do not plan to use TipTopKidz every day, we can still provide a comprehensive list of activities you can do at your own pace and schedule. Either way, we will provide you areas we recommend you focus on for your child's development to ensure all areas of the brain have been exercised.


    At TipTopKidz we believe every child should have infinite opportunities for their budding brains and bodies to reach their FULL potential. We believe that parents and caregivers are the ones that unlock, grow, and encourage our children's development- to reach the TipTop of their abilities.

    How can we do this? By making scientific information understandable, learnable, and actionable. With a press of a button, we give you known facts that will make your child smarter, happier, & healthier. With a press of a button, we give you how to do this. With a press of a button, you become a creative, fun, & multi-faceted parent.


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